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Municipal Youth Council is a youth non-governmental organization with a primary goal to develop and encourage young people’s volunteer activities and their inclusion in the public and social life of the city. The M.Y.C. voices the general opinion, necessity, problems and development directions of the youth generation in the City of Pernik and the region. Our organization carries out activities in the field of culture, education, sports, ecology, social and health care, applies for, develops and manages youth projects, works with the non-governmental sector in and out side of Bulgaria, interacts with the local and national authorities and institutions. The M.Y.C is part of the National Youth Council Association, National Student’s Union and the European Youth Parliament.
Our organization funding is provided by the membership dues our members pay, by the Municipality of Pernik for specific needs and initiatives, by the funds we raise through charity activities and by the projects we develop and manage. For the 2007 we have taken part in the organization and carried out more than 100 initiatives, primary volunteer, and with minimal budget but with a big volunteers’ and members’ structure, with a strongly expressed civil position.

Volunteering for the biggest youth organization in the region is a complex and time and effort consuming process. It requires excellent personal and communicative skills, proper free-time rationing, and often considerable self-sacrifices with your personal life and other kind of obligations.

The Municipal Youth Council of Pernik owes to develop and encourage young people’s volunteer activities and their inclusion in the public and social life of the city. It also take care of the stable development of the relationships with the local authorities, social and cultural institutions, school authorities, other representatives of youth organizations and non-governmental sector, with the students and their teachers. Being a representative of the student’s opinion in front of the local authorities The MYC should work successfully with different political party members in order to stand young people’s ground and in the same time stay politically independent.

As a group of over 100 high school students, it is also responsible for their personal and social growth, it often arrange different forms of non-formal educational activities such as seminars for development of organizational and leadership skills.

Never the less, the MYC organize different out of school activities in the area of education, culture, sport, ecology, health and social care.